Container weighing on chassis 35000kg/5kg, OIML

Container Scales

OIML CERTIFIED & EU TYPE APPROVED! For accurate container weighing in any location, look no further than BISON Container Scales. With BISON Container Scales you can weigh boxes on-site, take care of your new VGM obligations and increase safety, efficiency and compliance in your shipping operation.


BISON C-Legs are sturdy, high spec scales for weighing containers on chassis.

Safe, fast and easy to set up, C-Legs enable container weighing in any location. Compatible with air and spring chassis, BISON C-Legs are your smart, accurate and efficient container weighing solution. NEW & IMPROVED C-LEGS


To weigh a shipping container, you need a weighbridge right? Not any more! With BISON C-Legs, you can safely weigh containers on chassis in any location.

To operate, simply attach the four scales to the container, release the chassis twistlocks, then jack the container just clear of the chassis. The BISON App receives the weight via Bluetooth and displays an accurate gross container weight, to a resolution of 50 kg (or 100 lb).

The App will also let you confirm the container’s weight distribution, add other shipment details, capture photos and send the weight record and VGM certificate by email or to a designated server.

Self-contained and easy to use, BISON C-Legs are the world’s most portable and accurate solution for weighing containers on truck trailers.

Now you can manage SOLAS VGM compliance*, avoid overloading and optimize containerised cargo, all before the container hits the road. Get an accurate weight when you want it, where you want it.


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